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Please select from In-House and Tour Options, then fill in your details. 1000 Baht booking deposit require to confirm your appointment, the rest of costs are paid in cash at the time of your Appointment.

If you are unable to Pay online please feel free to pop into our shop and see if there are free times available for the next few days.


As of 1st December Chiang Mai Sak Yant Monks have be told they are NOT PERMITTED to do Sak Yant Tattoos at Temples.  We offer Monks In-House on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday and have a Monk Samnak Visit option available. 

  1. Select your Desired Service (Tour or In-House)
  2. Confirm Tour or In-house
  3. Find a free Date and Time
  4. In-House is ONE person per booking.  If you want 2 people please book 2 appointments
  5. In-House larger Sak Yants requires 2 hour bookings

See Below the Booking form for Monk and Ajarn Schedules and Rooms

More Details of the Sak Yant Masters Schedule

In-House Schedule

N.B. On rare occasions Monks have other duties and Ajarn's take over. Females can get a Sak Yant from Monks with our in-house service

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Room 1

Eak Monk: Monday & Thursday
Rung Monk: Saturday
Ajarn Amnat: Wednesday & Friday
Ajarn K: Tuesday

Room 2

Ajarn K: Saturday
Ajarn Sam: Monday and Thursday

Monk Tour Schedule

N.B.  As of 1st December Chiang Mai Monks are no longer permitted to perform Tattoos at Temples.  Tours including Females wanting a Sak Yant will be taken to a Monks Samnak as currently noone can obtain a Sak Yant at a Temple

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Tours to Temple Monks at Their Samnak

Rung Monk:  Monday-Friday

Terms and Conditions
1) Booking deposit is required to confirm your placement, you pay the due balance in cash at pickup to the Guide

2) Larger tattoos or 3 or more guest should be booked in afternoons slots, Booking a morning slot and spending more time may result in getting a Taxi home at your own expense.  We will do our best to accommodate you but if we do not have a customers Thai phone number it is difficult to let them know we are running late for afternoon clients.

3) You agree to the Monk donation suggestions of 1000 baht (or more) depending on the size, detail and number of Tattoos

4) Booking deposit can be refunded if you advise of cancellation of the experience 3 days before the event.  

5) Your tour is considered abandoned if you do not show up to our office 20 minutes past the pickup time