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The following are various documentaries and video news stories about Thailand's famous Sak Yant Tattoo.  A word of caution however ... many of these videos are made to appear sensationalize and can be a little over the top.


You can obtain accurate information from our FAQ Section, just to clarify the reality from the sometimes inaccurate information presented in some of these videos


Sak Yant documentaries are very few, if you know of any we have missed please let us know.  Email Us.

Sak Yant Documentaries and Video's


Magical Tattoos of Thailand - Elephant Trainers of Ayutthaya

The Tattoo Hunter visits Thai Mahouts (elephant trainers) and the monks of Wat Bang Phra monastery to learn the meaning of magical tattoos.

Run time = 45 Minutes

Possessed By Ink: Thai Tattoo Festival

Vice Japan: Wat Bang Phra Temple is Mecca for traditional Buddhist tattoos, or "Sak Yant", as they are known in Thailand. Here monks tattoo people year round within in the temple grounds and then once a year hold a Sak Yant festival during which those who have received tattoos return to pray and allow their tattoos to manifest themselves fully.

By which we mean all hell breaks loose, over the prosaic prayers of the temple's monks, men and young and old become possessed by certain features of their tattoos, those with tigers become tigers, those with monkeys become monkeys and so on, all of them charging full-pelt and shrieking towards the temples central shrine, or rather the wall of human security set up to catch them.

Run Time = 17 Mins

The Paranormal Zone Season 2; Episode 12 – The Power of Sak Yant


What is the meaning, force and truth behind Sak Yant, the ancient sacred tattoos that draw many from around the world to pay homage to the Thai masters and to receive the blessed ink? In this episode shot in Thailand, Li Kim meets with the funky and popular Sak Yant master, Arjan Thoy, a relatively new Western master, Arjan Matt, and the superstar master, Arjan Noo who is famed for giving Angelina Jolie her spiritual

Run time = 20 Minutes

Aljazerra: Thailand tattoo art making comeback

An ancient tattoo art is making a comeback in Thailand.

Sak Yant, or sacred tattoos, are believed to bring protection and good luck.

Al Jazeera’s Florence Looi has more from Bangkok.
Run Time = 3 Mins

1Stop Chiang Mai - Sak Yant


One of the available Ajarns with Sak Yant Chiang Mai, here you can follow a Farang Muay Thai boxer going to get his 3rd Sak Yant.

Run time = 6 Minutes

Paranormal Zone Episode 13 – Changing Luck with Magic

Not really about Sak Yant, but a introduction to the magical beliefs held by many Thai people and the respect they hold for the power of Blessings and Ajarns


Run Time = 23 Mins

Sak Yant: Thai Magical Tattoo and Wai Kru Festival 2017

Sak Yant: Thai Magical Tattoo is a short documentary film on a particular spiritual practice and art form widely spread in Thailand. Sak Yant tattoos, based on ancient Indic Yantras, although considered a Buddhist practice, are an expression of the hybridisation of popular religions in contemporary Thailand, weaving in elements of Buddhism, Hinduism and Animism, especially for their dependence on ‘magic’. They’re in fact considered to be powerful symbols for warding off negative influences, and sought after for protection, good fortune, love and monetary wealth.
The film documents the Wai Kru festival, which takes place at Wat Bang Phra, a large Buddhist temple, an hour outside Bangkok, attended every year by over 10,000 people, when Buddhist monks recite kaathaa (incantations) to bless newly made tattoos or reactivate old ones, and when many devotees experience khong khuen, the altered state of consciousness they enter during this ceremony.


Run time = 7 Minutes